Bao masterclass

Unlock the secrets to the perfect light, fluffy, pillowy steamed buns with our bao cooking class. A street food favourite across China and Taiwan, these sweet buns stuffed with spicy meat or veg may seem tricky to make, but our chefs will show you exactly how to make bao at home.


Beef Wellington masterclass

When you want to impress, Gordon’s signature beef Wellington is surely the dish to do it. Spend a few hours with us to learn how to make the perfect beef Wellington, from the tenderest chateaubriand to the crispiest golden pastry, you'll leave with your uncooked Wellington ready to bake at home.


Doughnut masterclass

Sugar-dusted, stuffed with jam or oozing custard…? However you like them, a fresh, still-warm doughnut is hard to beat. Learn how to make doughnuts in this baking masterclass – from the perfect fluffy dough to deliciously indulgent fillings and toppings, you'll have all the skills for doughnuts whenever you want.


Fish and seafood masterclass

There’s no need to be scared of cooking fish, seafood or shellfish at home – our chefs can teach you some brilliant skills and give you total confidence in prepping and cooking these in your own recipes. From buying tips to simple filleting techniques and great flavour combinations, you'll learn loads, eat lots and have tons of fun.


Indulgent chocolate desserts

You don't have to be a master chocolatier to indulge your chocolate cravings with our ultimate dessert cooking class. You'll learn some really useful baking skills and master a couple of recipes for luxurious chocolate puddings that will impress at the end of any meal.


Let's cook: Vegan (Autumn)

No meat, no eggs, no dairy…? No problem. Our half-day vegan cooking class shows just how delicious and easy plant-based eating can be. Whether you’re dabbling in flexitarianism or already a seasoned vegan, we think you'll love learning some new seasonal dishes that put plants first.


Season's best: Autumn

Autumn brings a fantastic mix of apples, pears and plums, early root veg, vibrant squash and hearty game. In this cooking class, we'll pick the best and help you get creative with easy recipes and tips for cooking more seasonally at home.


Steak masterclass

If your dream meal is a perfectly cooked steak, then this is the class for you. Our chefs will get you fired up about all things steak, not just how to cook it, but also about the different cuts, preparation methods and flavour pairings that can take your understanding and enjoyment to all new delicious places.


Sushi masterclass

If you’ve ever wondered about making your own maki or nigiri, you've come to the right place. Like with all good sushi, we'll start with nailing the rice and it’s seasoning, then get you shaping and rolling – teaching you easy ways you can keep making your own sushi at home.


Taste of India

Make a start on your Indian food adventure and join our half-day cooking class to learn some of the essentials when it comes to spices, curries, rice and more. This is a great place to start if you're new to cooking Indian-style dishes at home or just looking for some new recipe inspiration for family feasts.


Taste of Italy: Seasonal menu

We think the Italians have nailed it when it comes to eating seasonally; beautiful ingredients combined in simple dishes. In this Italian cooking class we'll focus on mixing the best produce with classic Italian cooking techniques, such as beautiful filled pastas, and grilled meats or seafood with flavour-packed sauces.


Taste of Mexico: Tacos

We think tacos are pretty much the perfect street food – you can mix and match and load them up however you like. This also makes them a brilliant dish for cooking at home and our fun Mexican cooking class will help you master your own tortillas, fillings and salsas, ready for a proper feast whenever you like.


Taste of Spain: Tapas

Any trip to Spain isn't complete without spending a lot of time eating tapas or delicious ingredients on sticks… but how many of us come back and cook it at home? Join our tapas cooking class to try your hand at some Spanish-style small plates, from classic tortilla or spicy padron peppers, to flavour-packed sauces.


Taste of the Middle East: Street Food

There are so many amazing cuisines and dishes to explore throughout the Middle East, and we're starting with some real classics in our half-day cooking class. Join our chefs as they guide you through our perfect recipes for falafel, kofta and fattoush – all packed with spices, herbs and layers of flavour you’ll love.