Bake in 90: Choux

Yes, you can learn how to make beautiful eclairs or puffy profiteroles in an evening. Join us for a speedy baking class and you'll master glossy choux pastry and learn the tricks to baking perfect pastries, ready to make plenty more showstoppers at home.


Bake in 90: Flatbreads

Explore a deliciously versatile world of flatbreads in our short evening bread baking class. You'll learn a few easy flatbread recipes you can adapt with different herbs and spices to make endless meal combinations at home, whether piled high with toppings as a meal in themselves or served alongside curries and more.


Bake in 90: Meringues

Crispy on the outside, marshmallow-soft on the inside, there’s a lot to get right when it comes to meringues. Learn all the tricks for perfect pavlovas and more with our evening baking class. You’ll whisk up glossy meringues and turn them into delicious desserts to take home.


Bake in 90: Pies and tarts

Who says you can't rustle up a beautiful pie for dinner? After-work baking is the best way to spend an evening and this fun cooking class will help you master simple pastry techniques that fit into your busy week. You'll end up with a delicious savoury pie perfect for family suppers and a sweet tart to finish off.


Bake in 90: Quick breads

Bread-making doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen. Join us for a fun evening baking class and learn just how quick and easy it is to whip up a quick loaf, such as a cheesy cornbread or rustic wholemeal loaf. With your new skills, your options for delicious brunches, lunches and more are endless.


Cocktail cakes

Cocktails or cakes? Why choose when you can have both! Join us for a boozy baking class that will combine your favourite drinks, such as minty mojitos or caffeine-fuelled espresso martinis, in gorgeous bakes that will become favourite treats at home.


Dinner in 90: Bao

Fluffy, pillowy, tender, stuffed buns… yes, you really can learn how to make bao buns yourself, in just 90 minutes. Join us for an evening cooking class where we'll teach you the secrets to the perfect homemade bao buns and help you whip up a spicy filling ready for a well-deserved dinner and drink with your classmates.


Dinner in 90: Burgers

Getting the perfect homemade burger can be trickier than you think... Come along to our 90-minute evening cooking class where we help you get the perfect mix for flavour-packed stacks. Smothered in mouth-watering sauces, these loaded burgers will be ones you’ll want to cook again and again at home. 


Dinner in 90: Butter chicken

We all love a curry and one of Gordon’s favourites is murgh makhani, or butter chicken. Join us for a speedy evening cookery class where you'll learn to master our take on this rich curry with its signature creamy tomato sauce, plus a quick dosa pancake and fragrant veggie side to complete your Indian-style feast.


Dinner in 90: Fried chicken

Sometimes it just has to be fried chicken. Learn how to make your own in our quick evening cooking class and you'll be sorted the next time the craving hits at home. Our chefs will teach you how to get that deliciously crispy coating and the secrets to a great marinade, plus chips and slaw to complete the feast.


Dinner in 90: Gnocchi

Discover just how much more delicious – and how easy – homemade gnocchi are with our fun evening cooking class. Spend just 90 minutes with us knocking up your own dinner of fluffy dumplings to serve with a tangy salsa verde, then head home knowing you can make your own gnocchi whenever you like.


Dinner in 90: Katsu curry

Ever wondered what goes into that spicy, sweet katsu curry sauce? Find out in our speedy evening cooking class where you'll be learning how to make crispy fried chicken, that iconic sauce and perfectly fluffy steamed rice for a delicious Japanese-inspired dinner that’ll be able to make again and again at home.


Dinner in 90: Kebabs

Packed with aromatic spices then stuffed into fluffy flatbreads with a creamy sauce or crunchy salad, all made in just 90 minutes… this 'fakeaway' cooking class will set you up for the best homemade kebabs around. Join us for an evening of hands-on cooking and dining and get inspired by the flavours of the Middle East.


Dinner in 90: Pad Thai

There's no need for a takeaway when you master our pad Thai recipe in our 90-minute evening cooking class. Inspired by the sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine, this street food classic is quick and easy to prepare once you know how, so come along, grab a wok, and let’s get cooking.


Dinner in 90: Pasta

Instead of reaching for the packet, learn how to make your own fresh pasta with our quick evening cooking class. Our chefs will help you create silky smooth pasta dough which you'll roll, cut and cook with a delicious sauce for an easy dinner to enjoy with a drink – much better than a supermarket dash!


Dinner in 90: Steak

Being confident in the kitchen is all about mastering the basics, such as how to cook the perfect steak, just the way you like it. Let our chefs take you through every step in our speedy evening dinner class, from choosing your cut to resting, plus how to make the ultimate chips and a classic steak sauce to finish the dish.


Skills in 90: Fish

Master a new skill and grow your kitchen confidence in no time at all with our evening knife skills class. When it comes to cooking fish, a few simple techniques for preparing and filleting round and flatfish will take away any fear of new recipes, and you'll leave the class having had a delicious dinner, too.


Skills in 90: Meat

In a handy 90-minute class, this is the perfect opportunity to learn a few extra butchery knife skills around your day. Mastering a few quick techniques, such as butterflying a chicken breast or preparing pork belly, will give you the confidence to cook up quick and delicious dinners at home.


Skills in 90: Veg

Practise your chopping, slicing and dicing with our evening knife skills class. Our chefs will take you through essential vegetable prep using a classic recipe, such as a spicy stir-fry, to demonstrate different cuts and techniques – skills that will improve your everyday cooking at home, plus a tasty dinner, too.