Classic British bites

What could be more British than a Scotch egg or a proper pasty? We love celebrating our regional classics but how often do we cook them at home? Join us in the kitchen to learn how to make some of your favourite pub, seaside and local snacks, ready for picnics, lunches and delicious days out.


Next level baking

We don't think you'll need much persuading to join us for a day of cake, especially when this baking class will help you take everyday bakes to the next level. We'll be mixing up all your favourites – lemon meringue meets cheesecake, brownie-blondie hybrids and amped-up cinnamon buns.


Pastry: Tarts, pies and puddings

Master the pastry basics in our baking day and you'll be knocking up impressive tarts, pies or puddings whenever you like. Our chefs will guide you through different pastry skills as you cook up some comfort food classics using buttery pâte sablée and flaky rough puff, plus rich and golden hot water crust pastry.


Seasonal menu: Autumn

Celebrate the autumn harvest with our seasonal cooking class. You'll join us for a day of cooking with beautiful produce to create an impressive three-course menu, learning lots of skills and techniques along the way. With beetroot tarts, creamy wild mushrooms and caramelised apples on the menu, it’s a delicious way to embrace the season.


Taste of East Asia

Get a taste for the spicy, fresh and hearty flavours of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking with our Asian-inspired cooking class. With such a huge variety of dishes and techniques to explore, our chefs aim to whet your appetite with beautiful tataki or sashimi, homemade kimchi, deeply savoury rice, delicate dumplings and more.


Taste of France

French cuisine is a great place to start for any cook or chef, with many traditional dishes based on classic techniques and flavour combinations. This class will introduce you to some of these as you get hands-on with our chefs in the kitchen practising the perfect soufflé or rustic cassoulet.


Taste of India: Epic feast

Full of exciting spices, Indian cuisine is a great place to explore vegetarian and vegan cooking. In our Indian cooking class, we'll teach you deliciously satisfying vegetable curries, dhals and sides that make great recipes to liven up your home cooking and create an epic feast to share.


Taste of Italy

Packed full of flavour, vibrant ingredients and steeped in history, there is so much to learn when it comes to Italian cooking. Of course there'll be some pasta, but our chefs are also passionate about sharing different recipes and combinations that make the most of wonderful Mediterranean produce.


Taste of Mexico

Craving a taste of sunshine? Well, we can't promise you tropical beaches, but we can promise you a fresh, zingy and exciting Mexican-style cooking class. Here you'll learn how to cook some of the spicy street food Mexico is famous for, from making your own tortillas to punchy salsas and toppings.


Taste of Southeast Asia

From rich curries to speedy noodles and fragrant soups, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to Southeast Asian cooking. Join our cooking class to discover how these cuisines balance sweet, sour, salty and spicy tastes, and to get familiar with more exotic ingredients so you're confident making your own feasts at home.


Taste of the Middle East

When it comes to sharing, you can't get much better than Middle Eastern-style feasts. We're taking inspiration from across the Middle East, Levant and beyond to bring you a cookery class packed with flavour. You'll master dishes that balance rich spices, fragrant herbs, sweet and sour all in one.


Ultimate bread

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread, and it’s much easier to make than you might think. In our bread baking class we'll show you several versatile dough recipes and teach you how to knead, shape and bake classic, flavoured and enriched loaves, buns and more, so you’re ready for endless bread possibilities at home.


Ultimate curries

If you love a curry, what could be better than learning to make your own, so you can have a homemade feast whenever you want. In this Asian-inspired cooking class we want to help expand your curry repertoire beyond your usual takeaway and encourage you to experiment with different spices and techniques.


Ultimate desserts

Round off your next dinner party in style by mastering a classic dessert in our pudding cooking class. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, as well as anyone looking to practise core baking skills, this class will give you the confidence to flip out the perfect tarte Tatin or whisk up the fluffiest soufflé whenever you want.


Ultimate fish and seafood

Everyone can learn to fillet a fish, shuck an oyster or prepare succulent scallops – skills that will not only make you a more confident cook all round, but mean you really get the most out of any fish, seafood or shellfish. Join our fish cooking class to get hands-on with delicious recipes and master these techniques for yourself.


Ultimate menu: Beef Wellington

We think Gordon’s signature beef Wellington really is the ultimate dish, so why not come and learn the ultimate menu for serving your own Welly feast at home. In this cooking class you’ll have plenty of time to master the Wellington itself, plus sauces and sides, all between making a stunning starter and dessert.


Ultimate pasta

Pasta has to be the ultimate easy dinner, the ultimate crowd-pleaser and the ultimate comfort food. So why not join our pasta cooking class to master making it yourself? You'll learn how to make the perfect pasta dough before our chefs teach you easy ways to cut, shape and roll your pasta for delicious dishes of your own.